A recent interview about Relocation

A local radio station recently interviewed Andrew Price of South West Relocation about what Relocation means and what we do to help our Clients.

What makes you want to be Self Employed?

The opportunity came along and we jumped at the chance, being self employed gives us more flexibility on a work life balance, we work longer hours now including most evenings during the week but don’t need to rely on extra childcare as we did when employed.

 How has it changed your life

You can’t rely on a regular monthly salary coming in so you don’t refuse work even to the point of cutting short family holidays. I get the chance to do school runs – not always sure that’s a good thing! So you look for every chance there is to generate income into the house.  Being solely responsible for the success of your business makes you work harder at doing things right and you are far more willing to seek the advice and support of others.

Tell me exactly what relocation means, what does it entail for the person moving

Relocation means moving someone from one point in the country or world to a new area due to a variety of reasons, mainly it’s because of work promotion or a change of Department in an Assignee’s company.  People can also relocate in the later years of their working life to be nearer other family members.

Do some customers need more help than others

Certainly yes, especially if they are relocating to a different country, there will often be cultural, language and living styles to become accustomed to. Even something as simple as the difference in miles to kilometres or driving on the different side of the road can require extra support from us. These are some of the thing you need to cover and be aware of.   Just moving from one part of the UK to another means considering public transport routes, main motorway networks, the difference in property prices for both the rental and purchase markets.

How far do you go, do you help with finding schools, doctors etc

We have had lots of specialist requests, from where the nearest allotments are, where you can keep my narrow boat through to care homes for elderly relatives and where is the nearest 50m swimming pool.  For any family, important factors like local schools, sports facilities, GP Practices and public transport are researched thoroughly.

Is it expensive to relocate

A relocation involving a family can be expensive especially if it involves a house sale and purchase.  Not every relocations are being done voluntarily by the Assignee so they are often given incentives to make the move.  On the other hand, relocating someone into a rented apartment for a short assignment is a cost effective and relatively inexpensive process.

Have you ever become friends with someone who’s relocated

Spending time with individuals, couples and families during a period of major change in their lives is a unique experience and you often really get to understand what makes them ‘click’ as individuals.  This means that we often have common interests and similar backgrounds, which makes keeping in touch with them a valuable experience.  Often we will hear from them once the relocation process is complete and hearing that they are enjoying their new environment is an immense boost to us.

What’s the most stressful part for the customer

Moving house has been shown to be one of the most stressful experiences anyone can have.  So add to that the fact that our clients are not only moving to a new town, possibly in a new country, the stress factor is huge.  We try to take a lot of the stress away for them by really understanding what they are looking for in their new rented or purchased property, getting to know what special requirements they have like living in a centre of a town, being near a sports centre or just having a tidy garden can make the difference between one property we’ve selected against another.

Have they chosen the right area, is the local school going to be ok, how will the family settle in and the kids make new friend. These are all packed in to a very small time frame, sometimes less than a week. So the more assistance and local knowledge we can give helps alleviates the stress

How honest do you have to be about areas

There’s no point in making an area sound better than it actually is, if the public transport is non-existent and the client needs it, we will tell them there is little point in covering that area.  Without knowing what their current area is like, it’s difficult to make it as much like that as we can.   We never describe an area as a good or bad area, but point out what each area has to offer from housing types and prices, schooling, demographics and any cultural styles in an area.

Because you are a family man with two young kids yourself does that help you understand the families that you move

It does help me to understand and appreciate how important finding the right house in the right area is.  I remember the amount of time it took us to choose where we live and which school was best for the children despite us already living fairly locally.  We do emphasis immensely with families needing to know these factors so you can spend a lot of time on this which also gives you a great feeling when you see them or hear from them months later once they are all settled in and happy.

About South West Relocation

Relocation Consultant covering Bristol and the South West, providing a comprehensive range of specialised services including Property Searches, Orientation Tours, Familiarisation Visits and Area Research. Working with both Corporate and Private clients ensuring that their relocation experience is a stress free and enjoyable one.
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